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HIV education

The following tools and materials may be helpful for preparing a discussion or presentation about HIV. The materials include some basic information and are not meant to be the only source of information or an exhaustive review. Please see other AFC webpages about HIV and CDC’s Resource Library.

General Resources

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)




Presentation suggestions

Give your audience new information

Presentations are more engaging when a presenter elaborates on the information on the slide. Tell your audience something new to keep things interesting!

Use transitions when moving from slide to slide

It is important to explain to an audience how all of the different topics in a presentation are connected to each other. A good presentation is organized in such a way that each slide can easily lead into the next.

Be mindful of your time

You don't have unlimited time with your audience. While you should expand on the information from the slide, be careful not to slip into a 20 minute tangent!

Ask for questions after each section

As much as we want to save questions for the end, that isn't always possible! Audience members may have specific, on-topic questions that are pertinent to a particular slide. Be conscious of this, and try to ask questions before moving on to a new topic!

Make eye contact, speak loudly and smile

Remember that you're speaking to other people who are just like you. Treat your presentation like a conversation, not like a formal affair, and remember to make eye-contact and smile!