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May 24, 2013


What’s going on in Illinois? … On March 6th, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn proposed a budget for 2014 that would reduce state  funding for HIV/AIDS services from $26 million to $21 million, a 16 percent cut. However, thanks to your advocacy, the Illinois General Assembly overturned Governor Quinn's proposed cuts, restoring $3.25 million for a total of about $25 million in HIV/AIDS services!

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The Governor’s Budget

If the Governor’s proposed 2013 budget is enacted, HIV funding would be cut for the third year in a row. Since 2011, Illinois has reduced state HIV funding by $9 million, or 30 percent.

These diminished state investments in HIV services have dire consequences, destabilizing desperately needed health care and prevention services for thousands of Illinoisans affected by HIV.  Undiagnosed and untreated HIV adds to the state’s already costly burden of managing preventable chronic medical conditions.

Read AFC’s response to the Governor’s proposed budget cut here.



Our Analysis

Illinois must continue to invest $26 million in HIV services!

With a sustained investment of $26 million in state HIV services, we have the opportunity to help HIV-positive, uninsured Illinoisans transition smoothly into the new health care plans offered in 2014 WITHOUT ANY DANGEROUS INTERRUPTIONS IN TREATMENT.

State support will be needed to complete coverage for newly insured Illinoisans with HIV to ensure they obtain and remain in care.

Sustained state support is also needed to expand community-based HIV prevention, education and housing services. By maximizing insurance coverage and state services, Illinois can decrease the cost and burden of HIV on future generations.


  • Around 2,000 Illinoisans become infected with HIV every year.
  • An estimated 8,500 Illinoisans are living with HIV and do not know it.
  • An estimated total of 40,729 people are living with HIV in Illinois
  • 50 percent of people living with HIV in Illinois are not in care.
  • Every new HIV case prevented by ADAP or other HIV services saves the state $380,000 per person in lifetime medical costs.

Previous HIV funding cuts have resulted in dramatic decreases in the availability of HIV prevention, housing and supportive services across the state. It’s time for Illinois to stop this trend and fund targeted investments that will help lower the burden and cost of HIV upon the state.


Advocacy and Events

Had enough and want to do something about it?JUST ADVOCATE.
Here are 4 ways you can take action to stop the detrimental 16 percent cut to HIV funding in Illinois ...





News and Media

State Session Updates: Keep up-to-date with other important bills in Springfield
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Governor Reduces State HIV Funding (AFC Press Release)

Check out pictures for HIV lobby days in Springfield this year April 10th, May 8th, and May 22nd. Want to join other advocates on lobby days? Contact

VIDEO: Chris Wade Speaks about Budget at Rally for Human Care 05/08/2013



Outside Budget Solutions

It is also important that we offer budget solutions to legislators. Other than your advocacy efforts, what else could help the state budget?

This bill could buffer the state budget, and help restore HIV funding!


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