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Advocacy Days 2016

This February, Governor Bruce Rauner proposed yet another destructive budget to the HIV community for the coming year, still without a budget in place for our current fiscal year. This proposal contains an $8 million slash to HIV funding line from the FY 15 budget (a 28% cut), and a 66% reduction in funding for the African American HIV/AIDS Response Act, cutting it to $500,000. The governor’s budget also proposes other devastating cuts to critical services that affect people living with HIV, mostly prominently supportive housing, mental health, substance abuse and child care.

On April 13 and May 10, 173 advocates from around the state traveled to Springfield to tell your legislators why HIV/AIDS services and programs are important and must be protected. Check out the Storfiy links below to view the whole story!

For more information on the work we are doing surrounding the budget, visit our Pass a Positive Budget campaign page.

Check out the activity on Twitter at #AdvocatesAssemble and #PositiveBudgetIL


Advocacy Day - May 10

Advocacy Day - April 13