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Addressing the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision Leak by Omar Martínez González | May 3, 2022

AFC Public Comment for ISBE on Implementation of Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act by Nadeen Israel | April 25, 2022

IL General Assembly Leads Efforts to End the HIV Epidemic by Passing Landmark Legislation and $10 Million HIV Funding Increase by Timothy S. Jackson | April 11, 2022

Getting To Zero Omnibus Bill included in the Illinois State Budget in historic investments with a vote of 72-42 by Indigo Quashie | April 9, 2022

Legislation expanding Medicaid coverage regardless of immigration status passes with a vote of 71-42 by Indigo Quashie | April 9, 2022

Legislation to Increase Critical Access to HIV Prevention Medications Passes with a House Vote of 72-30 by Indigo Quashie | April 8, 2022

Legislation supporting LGBTQ+ Older Adults passes the Illinois House with a vote of 71-32 by Indigo Quashie | March 31, 2022

Legislation that increases access to preventative HIV medications passes 14-2 out of Senate Executive Committee by Indigo Quashie | March 24, 2022

2022 Illinois’ HIV Advocacy Day motivates advocates to make 645 connections with their elected officials by Indigo Quashie | March 18, 2022

Legislation to increase access to PrEP & PEP moves through the House with a vote of 71-24 by Indigo Quashie | March 7, 2022

Legislation disrupting disparities for LGBTQ+ older adults passes the Senate 37-09 by Indigo Quashie | March 4, 2022

Legislation Introduced to Increase Critical Access to HIV Prevention Medications by Meg McElroy | February 16, 2022

Her win, Illinois’ loss: HIV advocates meet with Hillary Clinton by Ramon Gardenhire | May 19, 2016

Fighting for Black liberation in Chicago by Maxx Boykin | December 22, 2016