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Training and Professional Education

Building on more than 30 years of experience serving the HIV/AIDS community and other vulnerable populations, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) is pleased to offer a Training and Professional Education program.

Training and Professional Education sessions are comprehensive, evidence-based practice trainings that address the special needs and issues of people living with HIV and other vulnerable populations. They will inform employees about the methods and best practices associated with the most effective interventions and assist them with providing comprehensive, culturally-sensitive services. These sessions are available for all employees and are designed to fulfill training requirements.

AFC Training and Professional Education sessions can be selected individually or as a series based on the professional development needs of any group of employees. Teaching modalities will vary based upon the topic but will include didactic-style presentations, interactive/roleplaying opportunities, handout materials and other take-away resources. AFC’s experienced staff will provide most trainings directly. As needed, AFC invites top HIV clinicians and researchers to offer employees targeted training and direct access to expert information. AFC can also facilitate panels with local experts, people living with HIV or individuals representing other vulnerable populations.

HIV-related training

HIV 101

HIV Prevention Technology

Treatment Adherence

HIV and Behavioral Health

HIV and Hepatitis C

Cultural Competency: Working with People Living with HIV

AIDS Waiver, DON Scores and Service Planning

Understanding & Integrating Advances in HIV Prevention

Assessing and Supporting Reproductive Health Care Needs and Desires of People Living with HIV

PrEP 101

Evidence-based practices for vulnerable populations

Harm Reduction & Motivational Interviewing

Trauma-Informed Care

Client Engagement with Vulnerable Populations

Disease Management

Suicide Intervention and Assessment Training

Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

Each session will have clearly defined goals and objectives. A complete list of current Training and Professional Education sessions is available through the Director of CommunityLinks. Two examples are listed below:

HIV 101
HIV 101 provides a clear overview of HIV, data on HIV in the Chicago metropolitan area, and understanding to improve quality of medical care for people living with HIV. The training includes information on HIV transmission and biology. HIV 101 emphasizes the importance of HIV care and treatment and highlights the best technologies for HIV prevention.

HIV Prevention Technology
HIV Prevention Technology provides in-depth information on the best, revolutionary technologies in HIV prevention. The training focuses on two main interventions: receptive partner condoms and antiretroviral (ARV)-based strategies, including treatment as prevention (TasP) and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Data will be provided on the effectiveness of each prevention technology. These prevention technologies have a significant impact the HIV epidemic.

Training and Professional Education sessions are offered in three-hour training courses for $500 per session and six-hour courses for $1,000 per session, for a maximum of 30 participants. Based on specific needs, customization is available. AFC staff will facilitate all aspects of the sessions, including location and day-of-training logistics, arranging appropriate materials and providing required technology (i.e. laptop, projector, etc.).

Qualifications and experience of AFC

AFC has developed the Training and Professional Education sessions based on its 30 years of training, direct service experiences and sector leadership. AFC has the capacity and expertise essential to deliver engaging, relevant trainings from professionals and experts in HIV/AIDS and evidence-based practices for vulnerable populations.

To schedule a training or request the training session list, contact Karen Kowal at KKowal@aidschicago.org or 312-334-0944.