About AFC

Cynthia Tucker

Vice President of Prevention and Community Partnerships

Cynthia Tucker has worked in the HIV/AIDS service sector for more than 20 years. Her projects are successful, in part, because she is a natural connector who creates genuine rapport with people, motivating and inspiring them.

Cynthia has led many innovative HIV prevention programs at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) that are changing the story of this disease from one of despair to one of hope.

Current projects include Project Elevate, which aims to connect young women and transwomen of color to STI testing; the MTI Project, which offers HIV testing to gay and bisexual men through social venues and links them to care; the Corrections Case Management program, which assists people emerging from jail or prison who are HIV-positive; and the organization’s legacy grant-making program, Challenge Grants, which has awarded millions of dollars to HIV programs in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Prior to joining AFC in 2005, Cynthia was the director of prevention at the Chicago Women’s AIDS Project (CWAP) for eight years. At CWAP, she created new ways for engaging African-American communities and implemented programs that were responsive to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. CWAP is well known for working with vulnerable women and for advancing advocacy on women’s issues, and Cynthia embodied the values behind that mission.

Cynthia is a member of several advisory boards: the Domestic Violence HIV/AIDS National Advisory Group; Chicago Area HIV Integrated Services Council (CAHISC); the Illinois HIV Planning Group (ILHPG); and Behavioral & Social Science Volunteers, which reviews program materials for cultural relevancy and appropriateness. She is also a current board member of the Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services.

Cynthia has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and a B.S. in nutrition. She is currently working on her DrPH in public health with an emphasis on community education.