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Open enrollment help

Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace 2018 plans occurred from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017 and has now ended. 

If you missed the Open Enrollment deadline, you may still be qualified for a Special Enrollment period because of a life change or a loss of insurance coverage. This year, a special enrollment period will be available to anyone who was auto-enrolled in a plan because their previous plan was discontinued – including many people receiving Ryan White benefits.

If a consumer’s 2017 Marketplace insurance plan was discontinued, they are eligible for a special enrollment period (SEP) based on loss of other coverage

  • This SEP is available 60 days BEFORE or 60 days AFTER the discontinuation date of the 2017 plan (December 31, 2017)

Who is eligible for this SEP?

  • Anyone whose 2017 plan was discontinued, including if:
    • Insurer left the Marketplace and person matched with a new plan with a new insurer
    • Insurer discontinued 2017 plan and auto-enrolled person in new plan
  • Eligible regardless of whether auto-enrolled in a new plan, actively selected a new plan, never effectuated coverage, or were not eligible for or requested not to be auto-enrolled into a plan for 2018

Before open enrollment, consumers should have received a notice from their insurer about the availability of their current plan for 2018

  • If the plan is no longer available in 2018, then that person is eligible for an SEP based on a loss of coverage

After December 31, respond to question concerning loss of coverage within the past 60 days: 

  • Answer that coverage ended on 12/31/2017 
    • Will have until March 1, 2018 to select a new plan 
  • Coverage will begin 1st day of the month following plan selection

Consumers can apply for a Special Enrollment Period to select 2018 health insurance coverage at Healthcare.gov or contact one of AFC’s Medical Benefits Coordinators for assistance at 312-784-9060