About AFC

Honorary Board

AFC’s Honorary Board is a distinguished and dedicated group of individuals who continue to champion AFC’s crucial mission to create health equity and justice for people living with and vulnerable to HIV or other chronic conditions.

Mr. Craig C. Andree

Mr. Craig Johnson

Mrs. Joanne P. Armenio

Ms. Deborah S. Ashen

Mr. H. Russell Bauer

Mr. Tom Buchanan

Mr. Martin Cournane

Mr. Dirk S. Denison

Mr. Fred Eychaner

Ms. Karen Fishman

Mr. Robert L. Fogel

Ms. Paula Friedman

Mr. Larry Giddings

Mr. Mark Ishaug

Ms. Eva M. Janzen Powell

Mr. Tom G. Kehoe

Ms. Anna C. Laubach

Mr. Paul Lehman

Mr. Michael A. Leppen

Mr. Stephen C. Mack

Ms. Casey Marsh

Mr. Condon McGlothlen

Mr. Gary F. Metzner

Mr. Robert L. Mink

Mr. David E. Munar

Mr. Brandon Neese

Mr. Robert H. Neubert 

Mr. Frank Quinn

Mr. Curtis Reed, Jr.

Mr. Ernie Rodriguez

Mrs. Mary Lu Roffe

Dr. Renslow D. Sherer, Jr.

Mr. Thomas G. Sinkovic

Mrs. Ruth L. Sklar

Rev. Charles Straight

Mr. J. Ben Stringfellow

Mr. Richard B. Turner

Ms. Cleo F. Wilson