About AFC


What does the AIDS Foundation of Chicago logo mean? 

The three “I”’s are highlighted in red down the middle of the logo and are aligned perfectly on top of each other, signifying three meaningful words that we strive toward: to save lives by maximizing Inspiration, Innovation and Impact.

How small can it get?

We want everything in our logo to be readable to everyone. Therefore the text can go no smaller than 8pts. The logo below is the smallest we can go with our logo.







Approved AFC Logos 

For Print

Full Color .EPS 
White .EPS
Full Color PNG (transparent)
White PNG (transparent)

For Web

Full Color .EPS 
White .EPS
Full Color PNG (transparent)
White PNG (transparent)

Unacceptable Logo Use

To ensure that AFC’s visual identity remains unified across all applications, do not compromise the logo as shown in the examples below. In particular, do not:

Modify the location of the typography or bottom bar.
Size the logo smaller than indicated above (1.5 inches wide).
Change the typography of the logo. 
Set the logo on an angle or arc.
Change the logo colors from the approved AFC red and AFC gray. 
Squash, distort or resize the logo unproportionally. 
Outline the logo or its typography. 




















This font is used mainly for headlines and pull quotes. Mainly used for printed materials such as brochures, reports and direct marketing materials. Minimum size for this font is 8pt. You can download Nevis here.


This font is used mainly for headlines, sub-heads and pull quotes. It is also seen as the headline font throughout the AFC website. Minimum size for this font is 8pt. You can download Oswald here.

Source Sans Pro

This font is used mainly for body copy of printed and web materials. Source Sans Pro Light is used as the body copy throughout the entire AFC website and our campaigns/coalitions. Minimum size for this font is 8pt. You can download Source Sans Pro here.


AFC’s logo features two colors that are used throughout many print and online design projects. 



Pantone: 7627U
CMYK: 25, 99, 98, 24
RGB: 153, 29, 32
HEX: #991d20


AFC Gray



Pantone: Black6U
CMYK: 65, 59, 60, 40
RGB: 75, 74, 72
Hex: #4b4a48



Photo Selection

As AFC evolves, more stories are made. It is highly important that we capture the moments that make AFC. We want to give our readers the best depiction of our work possible by helping them see something as oppose to just looking at something. These photos help visualize the growing community of AFC.

The official AIDS Foundation of Chicago Flickr account can be found here.


Contact the Communications Department at communications@aidschicago.org.