About AFC

Bashirat Olayanju

Vice President of Care

Bashirat has worked with AIDS Foundation Chicago for 9 years and has had exponential growth since she began at the organization. She was first hired as the Ryan White Part B and Quality Improvement manager and has served in four roles within the Care department prior to her current role as Vice President of Care.

Bashirat graduated from the University of Wisconsin with Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences and DePaul University with a Masters of Public Health. She started her career in the HIV sector with an internship at the Chicago Department of Public Health in the HIV department. Prior to her career in the HIV sector, Bashirat worked as a physical therapist aide at Oakton Chiropractic.

Bashirat oversees a budget of over $10 million that funds HIV care programs including lifesaving direct client services like case management, ambulatory care, dental services, behavioral health, as well as other supportive services like medical transportation and food. Quality management is at the forefront of all Bashirat’s work. Input from clients, continuous quality improvement programs and opening channels for ongoing feedback to improve care are all vital to her work and team’s success.

Some of Bashirat’s recent successes include leading a request for proposal process with a health equity framework that resulted in HIV funding across multiple agencies in Chicago and collar counties, including the addition of 7 new partners.