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Gala35 marks our 35th year of service and will be our premier gathering of AFC supporters. We will look back on the history of AFC while also looking forward to the future: the achievement of Getting to Zero Illinois. This ambitious, community-built plan aims to end new cases of HIV in our state by 2030 and connect all Illinoisans living with HIV and AIDS to robust health care services. This bold plan can only be achieved by transforming systems rooted in racism and white supremacy.
AIDS Foundation Chicago was founded 35 years ago and helped people living with AIDS die with dignity. Now, that same organization is here to help people living with and disproportionately affected by HIV and chronic conditions live long, healthy lives.

It’s an especially momentous occasion as the gala is now only every five years. Moreover, AFC, the Illinois and Chicago Departments of Public Health and community partners across the state are leading the Getting to Zero Illinois initiative, which will significantly increase the number of individuals connected to care and achieve fewer than 100 new cases of HIV in Illinois by 2030. Join us on this journey as we count down to Zero. 

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Fred Eychaner

Civic Leadership Award

Dr. Toyin Falusi

Community Impact Award

Martin Cournane

Lori Kaufman Volunteer Award

Corporate Leadership Award


Craig C. Andree and Frank Quinn
Joanne P. Armenio
Deborah S. Ashen
Gary B. Beringer, Dr. P.H.
Geoffrey Brown
Anthony Bruck
Tom Buchanan
Martin Cournane
Drs. Carl Craft and Gerard Notario
Dirk S. Denison and David Salkin
Ed Diffin
Fred Eychaner
Roy Ferguson
Karen Fishman
Bob and Eudice Fogel
The Friedman Family
Dr. Terri Friel
Yusef F. Garcia
Larry Giddings
Lance Glass
Jeffrey Green
Ricardo J. Gutierrez
Mark Ishaug
Craig W. Johnson
Tom G. Kehoe
John Kaufman
Lori and Steve Kaufman
Derrick Kimbrough
Anna Laubach
Paul Lehman
Michael A. Leppen and Miriam U. Hoover Foundation
Janet Y. Lin, MD, MPH, MBA

Stephen C. Mack
Casey Marsh
Condon McGlothlen
Gary F. Metzner and Dr. Scott Johnson
Robert L. Mink
Frank Morreale and Carolyn Neuman
David E. Munar
Brandon Neese
Robert H. Neubert and Barry L. Brunetti
John J. Peller and David Jablonowski
Glen Pietrandoni and Jason Ewing
Mary Pounder
Eva M. Janzen Powell
Curtis Reed, Jr.
Ernie Rodriguez
Esteban Rodriguez
Mary Lu Roffe
Dr. Renslow D. Sherer, Jr. 
Nanette M. Silva
Thomas G. Sinkovic
Ruth L. Sklar
Thomas A. Sondergeld
Joseph P. Stokes, Ph.D.
Donna A. Stone
Rev. Charles Straight
J. Ben Stringfellow and Rich Neal
Chad J. Thompson
Anthony Tintinalli
Alderman Tom Tunney
Richard B. Turner
JP Valadez
William C. Wheeler II
Kuliva N. Wilburn, MPH
Cleo F. Wilson


Includes full AFC Board of Directors and Honorary Board

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