AFC provides support, guidance on changes to Medicaid in IL

September 29, 2016

AFC has submitted comments to the state of Illinois on their proposed 1115 Medicaid Waiver. The federal government allows states to submit these waivers that, if approved, allow states to experiment with the Medicaid program in their state to try things not normally allowed under federal law.

Through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) more people living with and vulnerable to HIV have become Medicaid-eligible. Improvement of the state’s Medicaid program must play a central role in the state’s strategy for fighting HIV. 

Illinois’ proposal focuses on behavioral health, including supportive housing services, supportive employment services, and optimizing the mental health service continuum, among other proposals.

AFC supports the Administration’s decision to focus on the behavioral health system in this waiver proposal. The broadly defined strategy and goals of the waiver will serve as an effective foundation for the transformation effort, but we believe our presented comments will strengthen the proposal. Among other comments, we encouraged the state to broaden its definition of homelessness, to include access to tenancy and pre-tenancy services, and to include all people with disabilities in supportive housing “Pre-Tenancy and Tenancy” services, not just those with a serious mental illness (SMI).

Click here to read AFC’s comments.

The state is accepting comments through Oct. 2, and then will submit the proposal in its final form the federal government for approval. If approved, the waiver will last for five years.

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