AFC remembers Timothy Ray Brown

October 5, 2020

John Peller with Timothy Ray Brown“I met Tim in 2014 at an HIV cure workshop in Chicago. He talked extensively of how he suffered from cancer and the bone marrow transplant he received – which treated the cancer and almost incidentally cured him of HIV. Tim was a trailblazer, plain and simple, and he taught me and the world how challenging it is to cure HIV. But there’s good news – with powerful HIV medications and comprehensive support for people living with and vulnerable to HIV, we have what it takes today to end the HIV epidemic.”
- John Peller, AFC President and CEO

AIDS Foundation Chicago (AFC) is saddened to hear about the passing of Timothy Ray Brown. While the treatment that led to him being the first person cured of HIV was nothing short of miraculous, the fact that he was cured provided hope that someday, a cure would be available to all. We are thankful for his significant contributions to expanding our understanding of HIV and speaking publicly about his experience as he did with AFC and other organizations throughout the world. HIV treatment today possesses cure-level effectiveness in helping people living with HIV and AIDS thrive, but yet, Timothy Ray Brown’s remarkable story still inspires us.

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