AFC Statement on the Trump Administration's Zero Tolerance and Family Separation Policy

June 25, 2018

AFC joins the chorus of those speaking out against the Trump Administration’s Zero Tolerance and Family Separation policies. We are disgusted and angered by these clear, unapologetic efforts to tear families apart, and to criminalize and imprison immigrants and refugees.

We acknowledge our nation’s long history of dehumanizing people of color, and view the current administration’s actions as yet another horrific and shocking extension of this history.

As we plan a course of action to support our clients who risk losing access to life-saving medications, healthcare and housing through the Public Charge executive order, we are also keenly aware that many of these clients also face the real dangers of family separation and imprisonment. 

Systematically breaking families apart – separating children from their parents – whether at our nation’s borders or in our city, is unspeakably evil. Denying human beings the basic necessities for survival due to their immigration status is a clear act of violence. Enacting zero tolerance policies and expanding the prison-industrial complex to detain immigrants indefinitely are clear violations of human dignity.

We call on the Trump administration to develop and execute a clear plan to immediately reunite all immigrant families who have been separated; place an immediate halt on the detention of immigrants; abolish ICE; prosecute its leadership for crimes against humanity; and pay reparations to those violated by these actions.

We stand with you against this state-sponsored violence. We commit to being unwavering in our support and advocacy for ALL people we serve, regardless of immigration status. We will march with you on June 30th.

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