Every Day is National HIV Testing Day

June 27, 2012

No one has to live with uncertainty. That is why, in a city-wide effort, the Step Up, Get Tested campaign has set up free HIV testing in the Chicagoland area for National HIV Testing Day (June 27).

The Step Up, Get Tested campaign aims to test 5,000 Chicagoans through testing events in various locations from now through July 4. Find out where you can be tested today.


Testing is the first step to ending the spread of HIV. Knowing one's status is crucial because life-saving treatment can begin after a HIV-positive diagnosis. It's also important for the rest of the community because an HIV-positive person can take preventative measures to keep the virus from spreading.

Statistically, African-Americans are one of the most at-risk populations for contracting HIV. Would you like to change the story? Learn how to take the test, educate yourself about HIV/AIDS and reach out to others in your community with the Change My Story campaign, a place for real talk about real life.

At Change My Story, you can connect with others who want to change things for the better through sharing stories and spreading the word. Among other things, you can find video testimonials, volunteer opportunities, answers from experts, HIV facts and testing information at

You can take action for your health every day. Today, it begins with testing.

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