Help Us Turn the Tide.

June 27, 2012

As an HIV advocate, you know better than anyone that we’ve hit a rough patch in our progress against the AIDS epidemic.

As most of you know, the agreed last month to cut HIV funding by $3.3 million — or 42%. A reduction of this size will shatter community-based HIV prevention, care and housing programs throughout the state.

In the past year, we’ve seen the reinstatement of the federal ban on funding syringe exchange, the implementation of dangerous Medicaid cut-backs and —most worrisome for Illinoisans living with HIV — the largest HIV funding cuts in state history.

But here at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC), we’re not giving up and neither should you. Truly, we need your help now more than ever.


The funding cut will lead to more than 100 new HIV infections and it will mean about 560 people already living with HIV will lose critical medical care, food and mental health services, according to AFC’s projections.

But we continue to fight every day for these lifesaving services.

Please help us turn the tide of the epidemic by signing up for a monthly donation. Your support will help us lead community advocacy against budget cuts, provide supportive services to low-income people with HIV, and continue innovative, effective HIV prevention programs.

With your help, we will not falter. This disease is preventable. This epidemic can be stopped. This story can and will be changed.


Ramon Gardenhire

Director of Government Relations
AIDS Foundation of Chicago

P.S. Please watch this short video about the state budget cuts and what you can do to help.  Click here to donate.

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