HIV medication coverage guide released for Medicaid and other ACA plans

May 16, 2014

To help people with HIV choose Medicaid and Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative HMO plans in Illinois, AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) has collected and published information on HIV medication coverage for each plan. These plans are available for people on Medicaid because they are disabled, on Medicaid and Medicare (“dual-eligible”), or who enrolled through the Affordable Care Act. This document gives examples of what a person with HIV might pay for HIV medications. Click here to review the guide (updated Feb. 24, 2015).

Please note: This document is only a guide. Consult a trained enrollment assister for help in selecting a plan that is appropriate for you and your health needs. AFC’s Navigator Program offers free health care enrollment assistance; you can reach AFC’s navigators at 312-784-9060.

For answers to other questions, please contact Megan Neubauer, program manager, at or 312-784-9075.

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