HIV Prevention Justice Alliance says "farewell for now"

August 13, 2018

HIV Prevention Justice Alliance (HIV-PJA) started 11 years ago with the “radical notice” that all people should be treated equitably, and all people deserve social justice. This 13,000-person network was born intentions to unite advocates across the country to address the intersections of HIV/AIDS and economic, racial and social justice. 

We are saddened to announce that HIV-PJA will end its service as the lead entity in this fight as of today (Monday, Aug. 13, 2018).  

Over the years, this network grew into a community of people living with HIV, as well as activists, advocates, researchers, health care providers and policy-makers working at the intersection of HIV/AIDS and social justice in the U.S.  

Now, this movement lives with in all of us — and our actions of resistance. The fight is not over; today, we are experiencing an intense time of blatant assaults on our communities, especially people of color, people with inequitable access to health care, people and families with undocumented immigration statuses, and the LGBTQ+ community. However, we at the HIV-PJA family believe this next part of our journey to end the epidemic lives within the collective action of the HIV community and no longer in the confines of HIV-PJA.  

HIV-PJA may be sunsetting today, but the many movements locally and nationally that make this fight possible with continue to exist long after today. We encourage you to connect with the lead organizations behind HIV-PJA to continue to learn how to serve the national movement to improve the lives of people living with and affected by HIV: 

- AIDS Foundation of Chicago
- AIDS United
- Desiree Alliance
- Drug Policy Alliance
- Harm Reduction Coalition
- Positive Women’s Network
- SisterLove, Inc.
- Treatment Action Group

This is what democracy looks like! 

With gratitude and hope, 

HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

For any questions please feel free to contact Kirstin Brockenborough, Policy Communications Specialist ( and Ramon Gardenhire, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy (  


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