IDPH leaders brief community on FY 14 state budget

March 11, 2013

Leaders from Illinois Department of Public Health on March 11, 2013 provided an update on proposed FY 14 state funding for IDPH and the funding outlook for HIV programs.

Overall, the news was mixed.  While state general revenue funding for HIV programs has declined significantly over the past three years, IDPH has obtained new sources of state funding, such as the Quality of Life Lottery and African American HIV/AIDS Response Fund, that have somewhat blunted the impact of other reductions. In addition, Illinois has received increased federal funding that has also helped to reduce the strain on the state budget, but this new funding has not been a fully replaced state budget cuts.

In response to the state budget proposal that reduces HIV funding by $4.3 million, AFC urged lawmakers to retain funding in the budget and pass SB 26.

IDPH budget overview by Gary Robinson

HIV Section budget overview by Dr. Mildred Williamson (PDF)

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