Immigrant families are under attack! AFC joins the fight against public charge rule changes

September 27, 2018

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) strongly denounces the Trump administration’s latest attempt to destroy the lives and health of immigrants to the U.S. The administration recently announced an intent to expand the list of criteria that will render someone unable to apply for a green card or change their immigration status. Under the proposed rules, people who do not have a green card but want to change their immigration status in the U.S. cannot use staple programs like Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps).

AFC stands strong with local and national partners; we are ready to fight this appalling proposal. While HIV is not specifically mentioned, the proposed rule explicitly states that any costly medical condition will be negatively weighed in consideration for legal permanent residence, which would likely include HIV treatment. Further, denying or discouraging the use of benefits like housing assistance is inhumane and further increases fear and confusion in immigrant communities. AFC’s fight for health equity for all includes standing alongside immigrants and working toward truly seamless access to health care for all.

TAKE ACTION: Make sure you have the most up-to-date information and stay tuned for opportunities to fight. 

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