Legislation expanding Medicaid coverage regardless of immigration status passes with a vote of 71-42

April 9, 2022

By Indigo Quashie

SPRINGFIELD – HB4343, Medicaid Omnibus & Healthy Illinois for All passed out of the Illinois House of Representatives early morning on April 9th, 2022 with a vote of 71-42. This bill calls for the expansion of Medicaid coverage across Illinois, as well as reducing Medicaid churn.

“COVID-19 has lifted the veil on the importance of access to comprehensive health care no matter your race, income, zip code, or immigration status. Each day the most vulnerable in our communities face barriers to health care and we can no longer continue to accept these health care disparities as the status quo.  Ensuring that all Illinoisans can access quality, affordable, uninterrupted health care coverage, including Medicaid, is critical especially for most vulnerable Illinoisans.

HB4343 ensures that the communities that need Medicaid coverage the most, including adults 42 yrs. and older regardless of immigration status, will have unencumbered access to the lifesaving health care that keeps them healthy.”

Thank you to House Majority Leader Greg Harris, in addition to State Senators Ann Gillespie and Mike Simmons, for championing this important legislation through the Illinois General Assembly.

Thank you to State Representative Delia Ramirez and State Senator Omar Aquino for championing the expansion of Medicaid for Illinoisans ages 42 and up regardless of immigration status.

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