New grant opportunity for “small but mighty” community orgs

January 9, 2019

The application process for capacity building and technical assistant mini-grant support to bolster Chicago-area HIV/AIDS organizations will be released in January 2019. This opportunity will support up to five community-based organizations in Chicago.

The grant will offer selected CBOs a one-year program to improve their strategic clarity and strategic planning goals, board development, messaging, and alignment with other organizations doing work in the HIV/AIDS sector. 

“Every organization has defined mission and values and goals, but this grant will help key organizations leverage their strategy and core principles to compete for essential resources,” said Cynthia Tucker, vice president of prevention and community partnerships for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC). Tucker will oversee the grant application and execution process on behalf of AFC. 

This capacity-building opportunity is the latest in a series of grants issued by AFC and led by Tucker to key organizations that have unique approaches and abilities to serve vital communities in Chicago — especially communities that are most impacted by HIV and AIDS. Previously, Tucker and AFC have supported organizations like these through yearlong collaborative sessions that are led by consultants in key areas of opportunity, including financial management, fundraising and communications, board development and more. 

The application will be made available to current and prospective organizations; they can expect to receive materials by the end of January 2019. Questions can be directed to Special Projects Manager Donnise Gaffeney at

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