New WithInSight Resource Enhances Understanding of Public Health Research

August 15, 2011

Public Health Research guide available for AIDS Service Professionals

Chicago, IL - In preparation for the 2011 National HIV Prevention Conference, the 2011 United States Conference on AIDS, and the International AIDS Conference 2012, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC), in collaboration with the Bristol-Myers Squibb WithInSight Initiative, released a new tool available for community-based organizations, titled Public Health Research for AIDS Service Professionals.

This guide is intended to help provide community-based AIDS service professionals with the necessary tools to increase their understanding of public health research and to foster critical thinking surrounding the research findings they encounter. The resource guide provides a discussion of the structure of scholarly articles, methods of data collection and data analysis, and a brief glossary of commonly used terms and acronyms in public health research. With a firmer grasp of public health research findings, AIDS service providers, administrators, and community advocates can make better treatment and funding decisions in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Public Health Research for AIDS Service Professionals Resource Guide

Public Health Research for AIDS Service Professionals Module Reference Guide

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