Remembering Miss Tyianna “Davarea” Alexander

March 3, 2021

By Bailey Williams

Tyianna “Davarea” Alexander, age 28, was shot and killed Saturday, Jan. 6, 2021 in a car with her best friend Brandon Chris, who also died. Tyianna, a Black trans woman, is survived by her sister and mother, who loved her dearly.

Born and raised in Chicago, Tyianna attended Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and graduated from CPS’ Harper High School in West Englewood. Beverly Ross, a longtime friend, remembers Tyianna as full of energy in high school. A lover of Chicago house music, Tyianna loved to dance and footwork. That spirit continued into adulthood, as people remember her as the life of the party.

“Her energy was intoxicating,” Beverly said. “I think that’s what’s going to be missed most. She was a sweetheart. She loved everybody, and everybody loved her.”

Most recently, Tyianna lived with her mother, who she loved so much. Tyianna also loved wearing bobs, eating Chicago food like Harold’s and pizza, and finding any music that would make her dance.

Ultimately, she was in a place where she was waiting to thrive. She did not have time to live her life wholly, Beverly said.

“Tyianna was on her way to greater,” said Beverly. “She was just about to get her gender affirming surgeries done.”

Rest in power, Tyianna.

Funeral services for Tyianna were held Thursday, Jan. 14 and Friday, Jan. 15, 2021. at Higgins Family Funeral Home and Resurrection House Baptist Church. To honor her life, consider making a donation to Black and Trans-led Brave Space Alliance whose work directly supports Black, Brown and Indigenous transgender and gender nonbinary lives.

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