Statement by AFC and Pride Action Tank on the Deadly Shooting in Colorado Springs

November 21, 2022

The staff and board of AIDS Foundation Chicago (AFC) are devastated by Saturday's deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, where five members of the LGBTQ+ community lost their lives and dozens were harmed. On the eve of observance of Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day of mourning and coming together for the transgender community, Club Q became an unfortunate reminder of the epidemic of gun violence in America and the hate that still remains in this country. 

LGBTQ+ people have been the center of a growing number of hate crimes in this country, including Chicago. In 2022, Chicago had the highest hate crime total in the past 10 years. In 2021, CPD counted 48 crimes of hate related to sexual orientation or gender identity, with 33 so far this year. These dreadful acts have no doubt had a domino effect, with more to follow if nothing is done. 

“From Orlando to Colorado Springs, the LGTBQ+ Community has suffered more than enough hate,” said Kim L. Hunt, Executive Director of Pride Action Tank, a project of AFC. “Saturday night at Club Q was meant to be a moment to come together and mourn the lives of trans siblings, as a community. Instead, today we are mourning the mourners. Whether a mass shooting like this or an incident of community violence, loss at any level is horrific. This country has got to do better.” 

We call on local, state and federal authorities to ensure the safety of not just the LGTBQ+ community, but all who suffer at the hands of guns. These shootings have stolen so many beautiful people, from all of us.  

To the families of those who were killed and injured at Club Q this weekend, AFC sends its condolences and we lift you up in this dark time. We will continue to work to co-create a world where LGBTQ+ communities and others impacted by gun violence are not expected to endlessly exhibit strength, love, and resilience, but where we can all be safe. 


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