Support comprehensive sex education

March 21, 2011

On March 15 in Springfield, Senate Bill 1619, the Illinois Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Act, passed out of the Senate Public Health committee. This is a great first step towards comprehensivein Illinois schools. SB 1619 is moving to the full Senate; we need your help to make it a reality for Illinois youth.

Take action now and send your state senator a letter urging him/her to vote yes on SB 1619.

SB 1619 protects young women and men and helps them make responsible decisions by requiring that public schools, when they offer sexual health education classes, provide age appropriate, medically accurate comprehensive sexual health education classes. The bill stresses that abstinence is the safest choice for preventing HIV and STDs. It also empowers parents by allowing them to remove their children from classes if they don’t want them to participate.
Tell your state senator that you support SB 1619 and demand that our youth get the information they need to protect themselves and make healthy decisions.

Click here to send your letter today!

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