10 movies about HIV/AIDS recommended by AFC staff

by Ashley Slupski

HIV is not an easy topic to discuss for many of us. However, misinformation about HIV and the people living with the disease continue to fuel stigma. We must talk openly about HIV to increase awareness in our communities and decrease stigma and shame often associated with HIV.

AFC staff pulled together 10 movies we think will get the conversation started about HIV and highlight the impact of HIV stigma. Turn down the lights, get into your comfiest clothes, and join AFC supporters across Illinois for our first ever Movie Night!

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And The Band Played On

And The Band Played On is a heartbreaking story of the beginning of the epidemic.” – Roman Buenrostro, Director of Special Projects, Care Team



Philadelphia is a great story on stigma, homophobia & workplace discrimination!” – Melanie Paul, Family Support Specialist, the Center for Housing and Health


Parting Glances

"Parting Glances stars one of my favorite actors, Steve Buscemi, who plays a rock star dying of AIDS. But what a character! Strong, defiant, in your face.” – Laurie Wettstead, Chief Financial Officer, AIDS Foundation of Chicago



Yesterday is the struggle to achieve a dream in a world full of challenges and barriers.” – Gilberto Soberanis, Program Manager, Salud y Orgullo



“Though the musical is much better than the movie, RENT is a good option.” — Christina Robinson, Endurance Events Coordinator, Team to End AIDS


Life Support

 “Life Support demonstrates how differently the outcome of the disease can be with and without the proper care.” - Angela Jordan, Intake and Referral Manager, Care Team