Celebrating our communities for World AIDS Day and beyond

December 19, 2019

This year for World AIDS Day, we celebrated how communities make a difference in supporting our movement to eliminate HIV stigma, create equity and justice for people living with HIV and chronic conditions and to end the HIV epidemic. The AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) mobilizes communities on World AIDS Day and every day. Watch the videos below to learn how our colleagues at AFC support people living with HIV and AIDS. 


One big way AFC supports our HIV community is through creating, hosting or participating in conversations that lead to action. Coleman Goode leads a coalition to reform HIV criminalization laws in the state, Illinois HIV Action Alliance. Learn more from his video. 


Angela Jordan helps Chicagoans living with HIV and AIDS connect to care through her work as the intake and referral manager at AFC. Watch this video and read her story to learn more about Angela’s work. 


Cynthia Tucker leads the Women’s Connection project, which is focused on improving health care access for trans- and cisgender women of color in Chicago. Watch her video to learn more. 

Sara and Meg 

Watch how Sara Semelka and Meg McElroy support Getting to Zero Illinois, a plan built by our statewide HIV community to improve lives and end new HIV transmissions by 2013. 

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