Five #PrEP4Love ways to improve PrEP awareness in Chicago

February 22, 2016

by Elijah McKinnon

#PrEP4Love is LIVE! The citywide, sex-positive media campaign was designed to increase awareness of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a daily HIV prevention pill for HIV-negative people. Below are 5 ways you can get involved with the campaign and continue to help us #SpreadTingle #TransmitLove #CatchDesire and #ContractHeat.

  1. Like Project RSP on Facebook and follow @PrEP4Love on Instagram.
  2. Attend a PrEP4Love LIVE event. Next one: Wednesday, March 9 from 6-9 p.m.
  3. Help promote PrEP4Love by sharing the official website with your social networks.
  4. Snap photos of the campaign out in the wild and tag #prep4love. Here are some awesome examples:


    @ibeboegs had a model moment today at the #prep4love bus shelter! #contractheat

    A photo posted by Meghan Peterson (@peganmeaterson) on

  5. Lend your voice and share information about  PrEP and PreP4Love on social media. Here are some sample posts and images to get you going:

    PrEP is more than a pill. It’s a program. Visit to learn more. #PrEP4Love #SpreadTingle

    Love is contractible. Lust is transmittable. Touch is contagious. Catch feelings, #TransmitLove and #ContractHeat. Protect against HIV. Visit to learn how you can #PrEP4Love.

    With just one pill, taken once a day, PrEP lowers your chances of contracting HIV up to 99%. You can relax and enjoy sex with your partner without the fear of HIV. Visit to learn how you can #PrEP4Love, #SpreadTingle and #CatchDesire.

    One pill. Once a day. Protect against #HIV. Visit for a listing of #PrEP providers in Chicago/Illinois.

    Spotted: #PrEP4Love on [INSERT LOCATION]. Visit to learn more about #PrEP!

Facebook profile and cover images (click on image to view and download full-size versions):



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