For Northern Trust, there's more than one way to give to the cause

For 25 years, Northern Trust has been a steadfast supporter of the fight to end the HIV epidemic — and support those living with the virus. Ever since making its first charitable contribution to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) in 1989, Northern Trust has demonstrated its commitment to improving the quality of life of people living with and vulnerable to HIV in communities across Chicago.

Northern Trust supports AFC in several ways: through charitable grants from Northern Trust Charitable Trust, through matching gifts and employee involvement and through the support of its LGBT and Non-Traditional Family Practice for AFC events and outreach.

“We are immensely proud of Northern Trust’s support for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago,” said Mark Braun, Northern Trust’s National Liaison for the LGBT & Non-Traditional Family Practice, which provides wealth management services to LGBT individuals and families to manage and navigate their financial and estate-planning challenges. “When we formed this practice, we knew how important it was to give back to the LGBT community. We became very focused on what organizations in Chicago were really making a difference and supported them. AFC was one of those organizations.”

Northern Trust engages with the cause in other ways, too — in 2014, nearly 30 Northern Trust employees formed a team for AIDS Run & Walk Chicago to raise funds for AFC and 31 other community partner organizations.

Thanks to Northern Trust’s multifaceted approach to supporting AFC — through charitable grants, event sponsorships and employee engagement — AFC has been able to make a deeper impact on the cause.

“We are immensely grateful to Northern Trust for playing a significant role in the fight to end HIV/AIDS in Chicago and Illinois,” said John Peller, AFC’s president/CEO. “Not only does their financial contribution help us better serve those living with and vulnerable to HIV, but by playing a public role with us in this fight, Northern Trust is helping to raise awareness of the cause and reduce the stigma that is attached to the epidemic.”

By supporting organizations that serve the LGBT community in Chicago, Northern Trust has fostered a more supportive environment for LGBT employees as well. “It has allowed people to feel accepted as who we are and to be authentic,” Braun said.

“It has also been nice for me personally to give back to the community and support the LGBT community. In return, we’ve gotten a lot back from that,” Braun said.

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