Four new voices for change added to AFC board

May 9, 2017

by Ashley Slupski and Raven Feagins

Please join us in welcoming four new members to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) Board of Directors, congratulating our new Board chair, Anna Laubach, and honoring our past Board chair, Ben Stringfellow. The 30-member Board helps AFC achieve health equity and justice for people living with HIV by setting strategic direction and raising funds for the organization while staying true to our mission.

“In a year where we have chaos in Washington and still lack a state budget, many of our organization’s values are under assault,” said President/CEO John Peller. “I’m proud that AFC’s Board brought on this new group of incredibly diverse members to contribute their knowledge and experience to help AFC thrive in challenging times.”

We look forward to working with these incredible individuals to create justice and equity for people living with and vulnerable to HIV and related chronic diseases!

Ben Stringfellow – Outgoing Board Chair

We thank Stringfellow for his tremendous work as our Board Chair and look forward to continue working with him as a board member. As Board Chair, he oversaw the six-month, national search for a new CEO and served as a mentor to new CEO John Peller, helping him manage the transition to new leadership. Additionally, Stringfellow helped launch AFC’s new three-year strategic plan, Positive Momentum, setting the stage for AFC to deploy new tactics to end homelessness and the HIV epidemic.

Anna Laubach – Board Chair

Laubach serves as the Director of Special Initiatives at The McCormick Foundation and on the board of Thresholds. She is dedicated to improving access and quality of health, mental health and social services for disadvantaged populations. Prior to becoming Board Chair, Laubach has served on the board since 2008.

Gary B. Beringer, Dr. P. H.

Beringer is a neuroepidemiologist and research methodologist in private practice. He has conducted teaching and research on diverse subjects including health services, health policy, juvenile/adult mental health and juvenile/adult criminal justice.

Kevin Lamarr James

James is a sociologist focused on race, ethnicity and gender and serves as the University of Illinois at Chicago’s director of service learning. He has developed partnerships with more than 200 community-based organizations in Chicago to promote diversity, inclusion and improved race relations.

Craig Johnson

As part of the American Medical Association, Johnson manages the Minority Affairs constituency group and Advisory Committee on LGBTQ Issues to the Board of Trustees. He is passionate about health equity and eliminating health disparities among racial, sexual and gender minorities.

Nanette Silva

Silva serves as program director at Community Memorial Foundation, managing the implementation of the Regional Health and Human Services Agenda for Chicago’s western suburbs. With professional experience in domestic violence services, HIV/AIDS risk reduction for women and adolescents and behavioral health, she brings a wealth of expertise to the AFC Board.


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