I advocate because...

September 20, 2019

Every year, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) mobilizes advocates and staff to talk with elected officials in Springfield about the needs and concerns of the HIV community. The legislative session gives us an opportunity to talk about current legislation that directly impacts us and the communities we serve. We speak up to humanize health care, housing and employment policies intended to help us thrive. 

Burnout is real. Being an advocate and involved in any form of activism comes with a cost. It can be hard to remember why we’re continuing work when there’s so many factors unraveling our progress. In the spirit of this, we asked people why they continue to advocate. We hope you will be as inspired by these advocates’ stories as we are! 

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Ira Katzman
Eric Emil
Jamal Bartlett
John Dawkins
Linda Stulbo
Ryan O'Donnell
Reginald Simms


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