Unwrapping ObamaCare: Medicaid Expansion

August 13, 2013

Ready or not, ObamaCare is coming, and it's going to help a lot of people obtain health care coverage, especially those who earn low wages and live with HIV/AIDS. Perhaps the greatest resource for these individuals and millions of others is Medicaid.

Many states are expanding their Medicaid programs to cover more people, and they're making this form of public health insurance more accessible; however, many states aren't expanding.

Listen to co-hosts Suraj Madoori and Lucy Baglin discuss the ins and outs of Medicaid expansion in this episode of Unwrapping ObamaCare!Also, keep a close eye on for ways you can find a "navigator" near you.

This is a term that Suraj and Lucy use frequently in the podcast. Navigators, also known as assister, are individuals that can help you enroll in ObamaCare, whether you're interested in Medicaid or insurance through the private marketplace.

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) received a $650,000 grant to fund a network of agencies in Chicago to help individuals enroll in appropriate coverage, beginning October 1. Click here to learn more about this grant award.

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