Unwrapping ObamaCare: Wait!

October 16, 2013

In this episode of Unwrapping ObamaCare, cohosts Suraj Madoori and Lucy Baglin discuss the importance of waiting.

Since the first reported cases of HIV in the United States, AIDS activists have been asking for a more just health care system--one that doesn't discriminate against people based on pre-existing conditions. That system is finally here, but don't enroll through the insurance marketplace just yet!

To understand this nuanced perspective, Suraj and Lucy sat down with John Peller, Vice President of Policy at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and an expert on ObamaCare.

Peller discusses various points, including paper applications for health insurance. These are available via the hyperlinks below and can help people connect with health care coverage while avoiding the online marketplace:

Individual Short Form
Individual Short Form Instructions
Family Instructions
Individual without Financial Assistance
Individual without Financial Assistance Instructions

When you're done listening to this episode, email us! Throughout November, we want to post stories in this blog, featuring your experiences with health insurance marketplaces. If you'd like to participate, email your story to Anonymous submissions are welcome.

Music: Uh-murr-kah (Mike Doughty) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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