VIDEO: Funding Cuts Will Cost Lives

April 16, 2012


Take seven minutes of your day and watch this video on what the proposed budget cuts to HIV services would mean for people in Illinois.

On Wednesday, hundreds of Illinois HIV/AIDS advocates will travel to Springfield, Ill., to oppose the devastating $4 million in proposed budget cuts for HIV services.

Gov. Pat Quinn proposed these reductions, which would ultimately mean about a 50 percent cut in areas such as corrections, housing, prevention and minority health programs.

This video features advocates Evany Turk, Arick Buckles, Renee Radosz, Andrew Espinosa, Chad Hendry and Pete Subkoviak.

To join us for Lobby Days on Wednesday, contact Pete Subkoviak at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago at 312-334-0963 or

You can also send your legislator a message by clicking here.

For more information, check out this fact sheet on the real impact of the proposed budget cuts.

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