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December 2, 2011

Watch When Will We See an AIDS-Free Generation? on PBS. See more from PBS NEWSHOUR.

On World AIDS Day, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) was all over the news, framing and contributing to the conversation about the ongoing epidemic.

In an interview (above) with PBS NewsHour, AFC President David Ernesto Munar joined host Jeffrey Brown, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Ambassador Eric Goosby and Ghanian clinic director Dr. Patricia Nkansah-Asamoah to address the question: "When Will We See an AIDS-Free Generation?"


And on the PBS NewsHour blog, The Rundown, Munar also appeared in the story, "For HIV Advocates, 'Unprecedented' Moment Collides with Fiscal Worries."

Both PBS stories examined the uniqueness of this World AIDS Day in light of recent medical advances and fiscal challenges.

As Munar told PBS NewsHour: "We are at a crossroads here and I think our principal concern is that we may not realize all of this potential. We have the opportunity to make such great strides. But at the same moment, it all seems to be in jeopardy."

Munar also appeared in's story, "Chicago Commemorates World AIDS Day."

In the Chicago Tribune story "Obama Redirects $50 million to fight AIDS," AFC Vice President of Policy John Peller provided political context for President Barack Obama's announcement of allocating more resources for domestic programs and expanding the global targets of reaching HIV-positive people with antiretroviral drugs.

The Illinois Alliance for Sound AIDS Policy (IL ASAP), an AFC initiative, was also featured in the news.

Kat Griffith, an HIV-positive advocate for IL ASAP, was profiled in the Galesburg Register-Mail story, "AIDS Day a Time to Remember, a Time to Talk."

And Matt Appleman, a Sauk Valley hairstylist and IL ASAP advocate, was also featured in a story, "Dixon Native Gets Involved with AIDS Advocacy."

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