We've Waited 32 Years for Today, and a Shutdown Won't Stop Us!

October 1, 2013

Since the first official U.S. report of AIDS in 1981, the HIV community has worked to reform our health care system to increase access for those who need it. Today--after three decades of advocacy--it’s finally beginning.

Thanks to Obamacare, which begins enrollment today, people in Illinois and across the nation can see how much health plans will cost, explore coverage options, and even sign up for coverage.

Although much of the federal government has been shut down because of the federal budget stand-off, health care reform will still roll out as planned for the next three years.

Health care reform will put Illinois and the U.S. one step closer to what the science tells us is possible: an AIDS-free generation. Obamacare will expand access to HIV medications and comprehensive health services that will help people with HIV better manage their symptoms and live longer, healthier lives. People at risk of HIV will benefit from better access to routine HIV testing.

While health care reform is far from perfect, we are committed to its full implementation. We are dedicated to educating everyone who is eligible for new health coverage, and helping them enroll. But in the meantime, take some time today to celebrate, learn, explore and get connected to mark this historic day.

Celebrate: Post this message on Facebook and Twitter: “The HIV community has waited and worked for 32 years for health care reform. It all starts today!”

Learn: 1) Visit AFC’s health reform website,, 2) Join the October 1 webinar to find out how to assess marketplace plans for people with HIV (Click here to register for the Oct. 1 webinar); and 3) Sign up for the October 3 webinar to learn more about marketplaces (click here to register for the Oct. 3 webinar).

Explore:  Check out the official health marketplace to learn more about Medicaid or private health insurance coverage.

Get Connected:  Want to educate your community or set up an enrollment event? We can help! Contact Molly McAndrew for more information.

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