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Campaigns and projects

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago leads HIV/AIDS advocacy in Chicago, the U.S. and internationally. Read more about our campaigns below, or click here to join AFC's advocacy network.



The International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA) is a network of advocates, policymakers and leading scientists from six continents working to advance the research and development of safe, effective, acceptable and accessible rectal microbicides — agents that could provide protection against HIV during anal intercourse — for women, men and transgender individuals around the world who need options beyond latex.



The HIV Prevention Justice Alliance (HIV PJA) is a national network that organizes and mobilizes at the intersection of human rights and social justice in the domestic epidemic. HIV PJA works through broad-based coalitions, leadership development and movement-building to address structural issues of poverty, heterosexism, transphobia, racism, criminalization and stigma that continue to impede access to health care, housing and employment for individuals living with and vulnerable to HIV.



SpeakUP is a web-based information hub that identifies health equity issues facing people living with HIV, advocates, and providers across the nation that are related to the Affordable Care Act, and seeks resolutions on a personal scale and beyond through education, advocacy and policy change.

We will identify issues that need to be addressed, bring them to the attention of state and federal regulators and policymakers, advocate for change, and report back to the community. Beyond helping individuals, information collected through this project will ultimately serve the entire HIV community, as it will help educate state and federal officials as they review and refine key aspects of the Affordable Care Act in coming years.


The National Female Condom Coalition (NFCC) is a partnership of U.S. and U.S.-based advocates, researchers, health departments, community-based and national organizations that advances a mission to increase awareness, acceptance, access and use of female condoms.








The goal of the Midwest HIV Prevention and Pregnancy Initiative (MHPPPI) is to improve the sexual and reproductive health care for people living with and vulnerable to HIV. The program trains and develops capacity among health care providers in IL, IA, IN, MI, MN, MO, OH, and WI on the latest in HIV prevention science including PrEP and treatment as prevention; best practices for assessing and affirming reproductive desires and needs; safer conception counseling and resources; and successful strategies for integrating HIV prevention and pregnancy planning into care for people in HIV-impacted communities. Partners include Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center, Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative, and Everthrive Illinois. For more information, email Jessica Terlikowski.



HCV advocacy in Illinois

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago has mobilized community partners and health care providers to advocate for fair access to hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment. Recent successes include expansion of the eligible pool of people living with HCV who can access treatment through Illinois Medicaid, garnering support around letters to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and more. 

Would you be willing to share your story about living with HCV? We’d like to hear it. Please contact Ramon Gardenhire at rgardenhire@aidschicago.org for more information.


Letter to Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America about HCV treatment access in Illinois, Oct. 23, 2017

Follow-up letter to Commissioner Norwood about changing the prior authorization for HCV treatment in Illinois, Oct. 23, 2017

Second follow-up letter to Commissioner Norwood about changing the prior authorization for HCV treatment in Illinois, Nov. 2, 2017

The Access to Affordable Medication campaign seeks to remove barriers to lifesaving medication in Illinois due to skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. The campaign has proposed legislation that would amend the Illinois Insurance Code to limit a patient’s copayment and coinsurance costs for their prescribed specialty drugs.








The Pride Action Tank (PAT) is a results-driven group that addresses challenges facing individuals and groups within LGBTQ communities through a collaborative process of inquiry, advocacy, and action. PAT brings together and supports the work of subject matter experts as well as people directly impacted by challenges facing the LGBTQ community to envision and realize practical and longer-term policy solutions. Moreover, PAT fuels collaborations among organizations, departments, experts, policymakers and community members in order to fill in gaps and ensure better supports for all people in LGBTQ communities.


Continuing our history of championing new HIV prevention methods, we began Project RSP!, a Chicago-based initiative to educate our communities about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a new FDA-approved method of HIV prevention that involves taking a pill every day. We provide a platform for the voices of those who have chosen to use PrEP to prevent HIV infection, and to share accurate PrEP information with health care providers and other allies.

The Chicago Female Condom Campaign is a coalition of HIV/AIDS, reproductive justice, women’s health, and gay men’s health organizations in the Chicago area dedicated to increasing access, affordability, availability, awareness and use of female condoms. AFC recognizes the need to accompany new technologies and products with education and training, and a main focus of the CFCC is training providers and the HIV workforce on how to use and then promote the benefits of internal condoms to clients.