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We finally have a state budget!

Over the July 4th holiday weekend, the Illinois General Assembly passed bipartisan legislation for a full Fiscal Year (FY) 18 budget that supports health equity across the state. Legislators also passed a revenue bill (which increases the Illinois income tax from 3.75% to 4.95%) to actually fund that budget. The AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) supports the much-needed, permanent revenue to stop the cuts, repair the damage that has already been done, and make smart investments in our state’s future. 

The budget contains $25.4 million in appropriations for HIV services and support, including testing, treatment, and education – which is restored to FY 15 levels. The supportive housing budget has even seen a slight increase from FY 15, to $13.4 million, and the African American HIV/AIDS Response Fund has been fully funded at FY 15 levels to ensure that adequate funding goes to services and programs that serve communities hardest hit by the HIV epidemic, after proposals from Gov. Rauner sought to drastically cut the program.

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Passed budget events and articles

*Our state budget work has strived to advance sound public health policies through an aggressive media advocacy campaign. With the assistance of Public Communications Inc., we received 50 placements in a variety of national and local news sources and reached an estimated 24,393,994 people about our budget work.




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