Our work

Corrections case management

AFC's corrections case management program supports returning citizens who are HIV-positive as they are released from incarceration. The program connects clients from the moment they leave jail or prison; with support from AFC and 10 other partners, those clients receive a primary care medical appointment, housing, substance abuse services, and/or mental health services.

Why we need it

With the increased number of people experiencing incarceration in the U.S., and because of the unique risks people emerging from jail or prison face, maintaining treatment for HIV can be a challenge.

The corrections case management program provides intensive case management to the reentry population to ensure they get connected to care — and stay connected. This program enhances the likelihood of the client not returning to prison, increases health outcomes and reduces death rates.


In a 2010 study, it was confirmed that only 23% of participants in the corrections case management project re-entered jail or prison. The statewide re-incarceration rate in 2010 was 51.6%.


To connect to the corrections case management program, or to learn more, contact Donnise Gaffeney at 866-628-6678.