Our work

Collaboration and Knowledge Center

What is AFC?

AIDS Foundation Chicago (AFC) brings together service providers and funders to develop systems that meet the needs of those living with and vulnerable to HIV or chronic conditions and to maximize the use of scarce resources. AFC manages more than $19 million in local, state and federal funds for an array of HIV-related services, as well as services for other chronic conditions. By planning, distributing and monitoring service contracts, AFC helps develop provider expertise and promotes uniform and high-quality delivery across Illinois. 

What is the Collaboration and Knowledge Center?

AFC has long believed it is equally important to provide community-based organizations with both the technical assistance and organizational management tools they need to most effectively respond to the epidemic where they live. AFC serves as a thought leader and resource center to create and share best practices, innovations, and models. We deploy our own staff and teams of technical-assistance consultants to provide customized and appropriate support to communities across the state and country.  


What Do We Offer?

Customized capacity-building programs

AFC works directly with agencies to address their specific capacity-building needs. AFC has the ability to tailor trainings specific to training and development needs of individuals, groups and organizations. 

Presentations and trainings

AFC provides trainings for community-based and national organizations aimed at increasing the knowledge base of individuals working within the public health field. Presentations include trainings such as HIV 101 to train health insurance plans to support their care coordination for their HIV positive members.