Our work

HIV Prevention and Research Advocacy

AFC has been at the local and national forefront of advocacy in support of HIV prevention and treatment, dating back to 1985 at our inception. Now, through HIV prevention research advocacy, implementation advocacy and HIV workforce trainings, AFC can push new interventions forward.  

In addition to our extensive institutional knowledge and adaptation of HIV prevention mechanisms, AFC has developed lasting partnerships with over 100 related organizations, as well as trusted, up-to-date curriculum around prevention for HIV and STIs.

Biomedical Technology 
HIV workforce trainings 
Implementation advocacy
PrEP and PEP services
Research advocacy pipeline 

Project RSP

  • The latest science around PrEP and its effectiveness 
  • PrEP basics – how to provide it, how to take it, labs that go with, adherence strategies
  • How to have conversations about sex and pleasure with clients 
  • How to use conversations about sex and pleasure to lead into conversations about prevention 
  • Insurance and payment navigation 
  • Social marketing and community mobilization for different populations that could benefit from PrEP
  • Advocacy efforts and the latest policies affecting PrEP use and distribution acces
  • Advocacy in support of the HIV prevention research pipeline