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Supportive housing

Numerous studies over the past two decades have shown the importance of stable housing in overall health and life outcomes. Permanent supportive housing for highly challenged homeless populations has proven to be a cost-effective intervention that significantly reduces more expensive alternatives (that is, emergency rooms, hospitals and jails).

AFC's supportive housing programs aim to reduce homelessness, improve housing stability, address special needs and decrease costs.

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The Center for Housing and Health, a supporting organization of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, aims to promote the coordination, research, evaluation and policy development of housing and health programs that serve vulnerable populations in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

  • Medicaid Supportive Housing Program
  • Renaissance Care Network
  • Housing, Health and Independent Living Program
  • Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative
  • Re-entry Housing for Health Partnership
  • Hospital to Housing
  • Chronic Homeless Samaritan Supportive Housing
  • Transitional to Permanent Housing
  • AFC/Trust Fund Housing