Our work


Condom distribution

The Prevention team will work with all AFC departments to distribute condoms at venues and sites where free condoms can be distributed.

Distribution locations include —

  • Partner agency sites, venue sites and health fairs where free condoms are distributed
  • Homeless shelters
  • Linkage sites where testing is being provided
  • Forums and conferences hosted by AFC

We will estimate the numbers of individuals accessing condoms at each site, provide education on condom usage, and provide information on prevention and supportive services.

Internal (female) condoms

Along with ARV-based prevention methods, AFC has long championed effective and affordable barrier methods of HIV prevention, including internal (female) condoms.


AFC is also the secretariat of the National Female Condom Coalition, which is a partnership of U.S. and U.S.-based advocates, researchers, health departments, community-based and national organizations that shares resources and strategies to advances a mission to increase awareness, acceptance, access, and use of female condoms.