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The Women's Connection

The Women’s Connection Project's goal is to increase engagement in the HIV care continuum. AFC, in collaboration with geographically diverse partner organizations that have rich histories serving cis- and trans- women of color living with and vulnerable to HIV, will develop and regularly convene a task force comprised of a broad range of stakeholders.

The Task Force will be comprised of organizations that have focused on HIV, as well as those that serve women but have not traditionally provided services or programs related to HIV. The primary objective of the Task Force is to develop and implement a local plan to engage women of color in Chicago across the HIV continuum of care. Specific Task Force activities include the following:

  • Conduct a needs assessment of women of color living with and vulnerable to HIV.
  • Develop an asset map of resources serving the target population.
  • Develop innovative interventions that reach women and connect them to needed services and resources and a shared data collection tool that will allow participating organizations better understand the demographics and needs of the cis- and trans- women they serve.


Women's Connection website

Women's Connection case study, produced in 2019 by Viiv Healthcare


For more information, contact L'Oreal Bailey at lbailey@aidschicago.org.