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Case management

Contact the AIDS Foundation of Chicago at 312-922-2322 and say that you need a case manager. One of AFC's program staff will refer you to an agency in your area that will provide you with a case manager who can help you get the services you need.

Individuals requesting case management may also complete an application online that serves as an eligibility assessment for care, medication and premium services.

Please note: Due to confidentiality, only the person seeking services can enroll as a client in the case management system. Family members, friends or social workers cannot enroll someone else for services without formal verbal or written consent.

Case managers help people living with HIV obtain:

  • Medical and home health care
  • Legal services
  • Child and respite care
  • Public benefits
  • Housing options
  • Support programs
  • Substance abuse and mental health treatments
  • Additional services through special programs

Learn more about AFC's case management program here.

Corrections case management

AFC and 10 other statewide organizations coordinate a system of services for detainees living with HIV as they are released from incarceration. These individuals receive primary medical care, housing, substance abuse services and/or mental health services.

To connect to the corrections case management program, or to learn more, contact Donnise Gaffeney at 866-628-6678.

Learn more about AFC's corrections case management program here.